Welcome to the Understanding Messy Time Series Data workshop!#

This is the Jupyter Book for the Understanding Messy Time Series Data workshop, part of the Fall 2022 Gear-Up for Science Data initiative.

Event Details#

Time & date: Wednesday, October 12th @ 1-3 PM PST.

Register here: https://events-legacy.stanford.edu/events/945/94519/

The goals of this workshop are to:

  1. Identify and understand the key attributes of datasets and the role each one plays in influencing data sourcing decisions.

  2. Systematize data (dis)continuity regimes, and explore how data-level decisions can impact downstream analysis.

  3. Contextualize the construction of data timeliness in data sourcing and data continuity best practices.

  4. Learn generalizable paradigms to improve code runtime when applying data best practices in the context of large datasets.


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